The Project

Viet Nam Derivatives Market Initiatives (VNDMI) Project

Vietnam has announced that the derivatives market will be launched in 2016. As experience in global financial markets, the achievement of successful operations in that market requires much preparation in advance, even in a long time before launching this sophisticated market.

On this special occasion, Intelligent Financial Research & Consulting (IFRC), Viet Nam Center of Research in Economics, Management and Environment (VCREME), HCMC International University and Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), we are proud to offer the new, state of the art Virtual Derivatives Market.

Vietnam Derivatives Market Initiatives ( is an online trading platform which simulates a real trading environment and allows participants a risk-free opportunity to learn and trade derivatives on equities, bonds, or commodities as well as test their trading knowledge and market savvy.


  • Keep stakeholders like regulators, market makers, arbitrageurs, brokers, clearers, and end-users, engaged and connected to the real-world mechanics of derivative markets;
  • Encourage investors of all levels, including students, to learn more about the derivative market in terms of financial literacy and practice;
  • Provide the ability to simulate trades, test strategies, experiment with different stocks or business sectors and understand potential risk - before executing in the market;
  • Test a new strategy before putting it into action; and
  • Get to experiment with complex orders and advanced strategies.


  • VNDMI is a valuable resource and a highly practical way to convert those who are interested in trading to play different roles in the derivatives market such as regulators, market makers, arbitrageurs, brokers, clearers, end-users; and get familiar with these roles in real situations.
  • Data
  • Simulated trades are based on actual trading activities;
  • Real-world data gives participants a much better grasp of the subtleties of the marketplace than fictional examples can provide; and
  • Data is derived from firstly in the Vietnam's market and later in other markets in the world.
  • Online courses
  • Provide the ability to "bridge the gap" between theory and practice - a critical point in all business disciplines, especially for investment-related finance courses;
  • Access quickly links to glossary terms and how-tos;
  • Grant a certificate for the qualified learner after each course; and
  • Offer flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime.
  • Tools
  • Offer popular pricing models (pricers)
  • Provide various trading strategies


  • Q4/2014: Set up Committee and Task Forces
  • Q1/2015: Development and Contribution
  • Q1/2016: Deployment, Tests and Training
  • Q3/2016: Vietnam Derivatives Market Initiatives goes LIVE

Possible Partners

  • Research institutions, universities
  • Exchanges, brokers, financial institutions
  • Data providers
  • 2014 Q4

    Set up Committee and Task Forces

    Partners and Sponsors define purposes and objectives, needs and resources, timeline and calendar.

  • 2015 Q1

    Development and Contribution

  • 2016 Q1

    Deployment, Tests and Training

  • 2016 Q3

    Vietnam Virtual Derivatives Market goes LIVE

    We can all play a winning game, and be ready for the start of the Vietnam's Derivatives Market.


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